You Will Do What Celine Commands, Soldier!

Celine was just getting into some solo, sensual masturbation time in what she thought was a private spot in the park, but as soon as she starts rubbing her pussy a soldier shows up out of nowhere and interrupts her flow. Celine is annoyed at first, but when she realizes that this guy is a robot-like soldier, doing any damn thing he’s told, she gets some dirty ideas in her head that are way better than masturbation! Celine is a total fuck freak, so she grabs her new fuck buddy, takes off his clothes, and commands to be satisfied! Of course with Celine that means more than just getting hardcore fucked, she wants to be pissed on the the urinal-slut she is,

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Time: 00:24:09
Format: MPEG-4
Resolution: 1920 X 1080

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