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    Girl: Naughty Holly 20

    Added: 2008-04-30

    Length: 2:15

    Holly is back and she sexy black dress without panties at night! She bends over, spreads her sexy small buttocks and her nasty smelling farts right side of the gas ass in your face! It is so hot, sexy, tight butt holes that you just want to suck farts out. As usual, Holly makes a surprisingly hot farts show that you are sure to blow your load on. Another clip has to be!

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    Girl: Stacey Lane vs. Missy Milano 3

    Posted: 29/04/2008

    Length: 2:42

    Stacy and Missy in the middle of getting ready to go out. Make-up. And happens to have a little gas and then blame each other for the flatulence they decided to see who can fart loud and nasty! Ready to see it!? Well, Stacy is a pair of hard pans Jean and tank top shirt and Missy in a pink shirt and denim mini-skirt, no panties! Ideal for farting. You’ve gotta see this one, get it now!

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    Girl: Nyeema

    Added: 2008-04-28

    Length: 4:12

    Nyeema never done any farts video before, this is her first time. She’s our newest farts girl and she has some really smelly farts! For the first clip Nyeema, she is dressed in a sassy blue-panties told her delightfully round brown booty and black mesh top that allows her nipples to peak through, sexy! She farting on the couch and the sound of heaven, as its gas goes up her ass. You must see this newcomer, enjoy!

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    Girl: Victoria DeVille 3

    Added: 2008-04-27

    Length: 3:05

    Victoria came back and chatty as ever! This cute little Latina can not stop laughing in his farts, she thinks it’s just damn fun! It’s so cute. In this clip she farting in bed and got on a white shirt and a pair of skinny jeans denim. Another amazing clip from Victoria, do not miss it!

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    Girl: Jenny Lynn 10

    Posted: 26/04/2008

    Length: 3:47

    Jenny was farting all day, and she is ready to share them with you. In this clip she is wearing a striped dress sun and very thin panties thong — hot! She leans over and puts it on his back and farts some nasty smelling gas ass in your face! She pulls her panties aside to expose her delicious smell of a little hole and you just want to lick it clean! Another hot clip from Jenny, that you must pick up!

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    Girl: Chrissy Cruz 10

    Added: 2008-04-24

    Length: 1:06

    Chrissy on the way out of her hotel room and she has some ass gas to release. She is farting all the way down the corridor, and then in the elevator on her way down! How deliciously rude. You get to ride in the elevator farts and enjoy her gracious gas gods! — Another blunder appear Chrissy clip, enjoy!

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    Girl: Naughty Holly 19

    Added: 2008-04-23

    Length: 3:13

    Holly is back and she’s here to fart on the coffee table today! She had on a pair of very tight jeans and a shirt Mike. She leans on the table, sits her ass apartment, she leans forward and back, all kinds of stuff to make different sounds! Holly knows how to do her farts hot and nasty so it must be right!

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    Girl: Hanna Cruz 8

    Added: 2008-04-21

    Length: 2:14

    Hannah returns to fart on the couch again. This time she in a red shirt and a pair of T extra tight jeans. It begins, leaning and then lying on his back and sides, all kinds of positions, as it injects our wet bitches after wet bitch! If you love the stinky wet nasty poots, that Hannah let go you have to get it!

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    Girl: Madison Lee 17

    Added: 2008-04-20

    Length: 4:47

    Madison has an ass full throttle and it just hurts to get all of that kick! In this clip, it hangs in a blue shirt and white full bottom panties cotton, very sexy! She is on the couch and she bends in all types of positions and even makes a side-pull panties to show you my stink-hole like stinky farts out of gas! Another clip nut Buster from Madison to get it now!

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    Girl: Victoria DeVille 2

    Posted: 18/04/2008

    Length: 3:17

    Victoria, our dear new girl farts Latina returned for another session stink! It’s cute, can not stop farting and she thinks it’s just fun. In this clip she is wearing a pair of tight jeans and a white shirt with rolled-up sleeves. For such tiny girl explosions from loads of unpleasant gas ass, it’s amazing! Another clip nuts Buster, get it now!

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    Girl: Naughty Holly 18

    Added: 2008-04-16

    Length: 4:34

    Holly is back for more super hot farts! She is on the coffee table with a solid wood surface. It begins with a thong on farting, then moves thong to the side to make a complete asshole-printing table. Very sexy! Watch as her ass is pushing to release its gas. After she farts at the table, it allows you to get down and smell the table and lick it clean! Someone said nut-blaster! Another must have Holly clip.

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    Girl: Hanna Cruz 7

    Added: 2008-04-15

    Length: 2:50

    Hannah has not been around for a bit, but she decided to come back and farts a few more, because she had so much fun! In this clip she wears Jean miniskirt with black poke-points of the full bottom panties and a shirt. She has a belly full of the stench, which must be issued and you will enjoy! She gets into a lot of positions and farts a lot! Enjoy this new clip of Hannah — It!

    Girl: Victoria DeVille

    Added: 2008-04-14

    Length: 3:33

    Victoria New farting booty here in farts fantasy. She had never done anything like this! Farting a virgin, perfect. This sexy, petite latina girl has some of the nastiest smelling gas around. — And she thinks it’s the funniest thing ever! She could not help laughing when she fart after the explosions farts. You must see this sexy new girl, she gets the job done!

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    Girl: Madison Leigh vs. Janie Lynn 3

    Posted: 04/12/2008

    Duration: 10:41

    Madison and Jenny simply Kickin ‘it on the sofa, and both of them have a bit of stomach gas after some pizza in the early evening. They were both wearing t-shirts and shorts, farting as loud and long as they can! About half way through the clip as they lose their shorts and bend over to fart bare ass exposed! Very sexy stuff, which will lead to nut all over your keyboard! You must see this clip, get it now!

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    Girl: Naughty Holly 17

    Added: 2008-04-10

    Length: 3:07

    Holly really knows how to make farting video! In this clip she wears red and black tunic top and some office-style pants in bed. It starts by standing in the bed, then goes to the set and setting leaning position. Holly knows how much you love her farts, and it tells you to pull out his penis so she can fart on him. — So hot! You should get it!

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    Girl: Missy Milano 7

    Posted: 08/04/2008

    Length: 3:41

    Missy has a special treat for you! She walks in and sees your beer while sitting on the table. It comes and picks up the bottle and puts the right side of his mouth to her tight little stink-hole and farts into it! Fart-filled beer twice as nice, is not it? Anne in a black T-shirt and plaid mini skirt and no panties! Her sexy butt does some celestial farts. You should get this video, it’s a real wing the ball!

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    Girl: Summer 1917

    Posted: 06/04/2008

    Length: 4:58

    Summer was bad gas today and she can not wait to get it! You showed up just in time! She farting in bed with a pair of black shorts and black T-shirt production — appropriate attire. She bends down to lying on her legs in a vertical position of the fetus in the work of her farts, stomach-ache! Then she goes to her side and continues to rub the belly to get all the gas it. Very sexy clip and another must have for all you fans of the summer! Enjoy!

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    Girl: Madison Lee 16

    Added: 2008-04-04

    Length: 6:42

    Madison just relax on the couch and now it is a bit chatty! Lucky us! It just hangs in a pink shirt and a pair of baby T fine white cotton panties full below — stunning! She has some nice butt-offenders are locked in there, that it allows free, you’re going to love them! Another must have for any fan clip Madison Lee!

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    Girl: Stacey Lane 7

    Added: 2008-04-02

    Length: 3:13

    Stacy ago, and I think it’s going to do with this bottle? You got it, fart in her, like a cone! This is one hot, it keeps the mouth piece of the bottle up her hole butt and farts into it, the camera is located right at the end of the bottle with a slight increase in firing her stink maker farting gas! So hot! If you’re a fan of Stacy, you can not do without it!
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