Power Tooled Party Cunts Part 1 — Cam 1

It’s time to bust out the power tools and drill dozens of Eurobabe party cunts! Got your attention!? Then let’s get this brand new DSO started right! This bitch is just getting started, so there’s plenty of dancing, drinking, and even a pole set up for Vivien and othes to show off some of their stripper skills! Dozens of sex party chicks have come out to play, with a bunch of new faces, and of course they all look fine as fuck in heir satin blouses, dresses, heels, and anything else they can doll themselves up in, but despite their best efforts to look classy the truth comes out as they start to get totally trashy orgy style! All of our construction worker party studs have their «tools» ready to go, and some are getting their pantyhose ripped up, while others are going straight for the cock and sucking it down! This party’s just getting cranked up and you can be sure there’s tons of pounding and drilling waiting to rip through this orgy club!!

Size: 779 MB
Time: 00:25:49
Format: MPEG-4
Resolution: 1280 X 720

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