topgrl 2009-12-21 Renee Blaine

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Dee, Renee Blaine

Renee’s sexy substitute teacher look really works for her. A short skirt and some sheer stockings make her legs look amazing. A tight white blouse is perfect for her. The rope that keeps her elbows back and her wrists at her waist go a long way to pushing her tits up and out. Her body is fit and fantastic. Her skin is soft and pale. Renee is the perfect canvas for the kind of art Sister Dee has in mind.

Renee can be twisted into a pretzel while wrapped around a bamboo pole or hung up by her hair from the ceiling. The bondage is all exciting to her. It’s been years since she has been at the mercy of another woman, so Sister Dee will make it memorable. Dee’s cane, for one, gets a number of pained winces and whines as it drums across Renee’s tits and toes. The whip dances across her body, from thighs to tits, leaving behind some exquisite lash marks. And the flogger is there to stroke Renee’s cunt. Each swing hits home and stings, making her pussy juice for more. By the time Dee pays more gentle attention to it Renee is already begging to cum.


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